Elbit Systems Ltd unveils its own world-class space laboratory

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One of the largest defense electronics manufacturers and IDF (Zahal) supplier develops new photography systems and satellites

Date: 09/10/2011, 3:02 PM     Author: IAF Website

Elbit Systems Ltd unveiled its own world-class, independent space and optical laboratory.

Centered in Haifa and Ness Ziona, Elbit Systems Ltd is one of the largest companies responsible for the manufacturing of defense electronics worldwide and for the IDF (Zahal).

The company has been working on the lab, named ‘Daniel’, for three spending tens of millions of NIS in the process. The lab is expected to assist in the development of advanced photography systems for the aerial industry’s satellites for one of Elbit’s subsidiaries, Elop.

“In the new lab we’re assembling the cameras that will be sent to space in the future and will be placed on Israeli image-satellites”, explained Ilan Porath, Vice President and manager of the Elbit’s Space Domain. “Along with technological advances comes the need to improve the resolution of the cameras that will bring better results. The cameras we’re working on today have doubled the resolution and are significantly more advanced than the current ones”.

“If you look at the systems developed in the U.S and France”, said Porath, “you’ll see that their satellites weigh five times more than ours and bring in the same results. For example, we’ve successfully minimized an eight-meter-long satellite to one that is only a meter and a half in length”.

One of the most advanced systems in the lab is a vacuum cell shaped like a giant metal tube used to “simulate the conditions in space”, explained Porath. “We place cameras and display the image as it would be seen in high altitudes. We can also test the way the satellites function in the temperature and air pressure they would encounter in space”.