Elite intelligence unit protects the environment

In addition to its clandestine intelligence work, Unit 8200 recently spent a week studying “green” topics as well as safety matters

Date: 09/10/2012, 12:54 PM     Author: Ophir Haglili

This month, in addition to defending Israel through classified intelligence work, Military Intelligence Unit 8200 educated its soldiers on protecting the environment. For its fourth annual Safety Week, the Unit decided to emphasize environmental protection. For five days, the Unit hosted an informational fair, and soldiers participated in lectures and educational sessions covering both safety and environmental protection.

The roughly 450 soldiers who visited the fair every day learned from sensory experiences. At one station, soldiers had the chance to drive a car simulating the experience of skidding, while an instructor guided them in safely handling the dangerous situation.

“Four years ago, we realized that in order for the soldiers to see the importance of safety and environmental protection, lectures were insufficient; they need to learn through their senses,” explained the commander of Unit 8200, Col. Y. “An officer has already approached me and told me that while driving with his wife in the rain, his vehicle began to skid, and he managed to safely get out of the situation only because of what he learned in the instruction.”

The Electric Company also participated in the event, in order to teach the soldiers about conserving energy and precious natural resources. “Our greatest goal this week is to increase [the soldiers’] environmental awareness,” explained Maj. Y. “The soldiers have the ability; we just have to give them the tools and to bring the issue to their attention, and from there it’s in their hands.”

The week was an educational success; Maj. Y and the Unit’s Education Officer, Cpt. E., are already setting goals for next year. “We want to cooperate with the City of Herzliyah and to create a compost site where we will put all of the wet trash from the base. At the end of each day, the City will take it and use it for purposes such as fertilizer. That way, both sides will benefit, and in addition the soldiers will have the opportunity to learn about the recycling process.”

“The understanding is that we do not have natural resources to spare, so we must protect those that we do have,” concluded Col. Y.