The IDF carried out tonight engineering uncovering work near the Israel – Egypt border, near the city of Rafah. During the operation a number of anti-tank grenades were thrown and small arms were fired against the IDF force, that returned fire towards the sources of fire.

This operation was held following the detonation of two explosive charges , throwing of several Molotov cocktails, hand grenades, and anti-tank grenades against IDF forces that were on routine operational activity near the Israel – Egypt border.

Palestinian demonstrators exploit the buildings located on this route to take cover and carry out terrorist operations against IDF soldiers travelling on it.

It must be emphasized that the engineering activity was carried out in the “Pink” area that according to the Oslo agreements is defined as an area of military installations of which Israel has full security and civilian authority.

The activity was carried out following the essential security need to protect soldiers travelling near the Israel – Egypt border, after a number of violent incidents in the area and an increase in their severity.