Enlisting in the IDF from all around the world

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Garin Tzabar program celebrates 20th anniversary and an increase in number of participants

Date: 28/07/2011, 6:49 PM     Author: Yarden Elazar, Bamahane Magazine

Garin Tzabar celebrates 20 years of helping teens from all around the world join the IDF (Zahal) and recently marked an increase in participants according to the Israeli Ministry of Defense. Last year 320 foreign enlistees were reported in comparison to 230 the previous year.

An increase in Garin Tzabar soldiers becoming commander and officers was reported as well, with 20% assuming such positions. The majority of males serve in combat positions and females commonly serve as field unit instructors and soldier welfare NCO’s.

During the last 20 years, 65% of Grain Tzabar members continued living in Israel after completing their military service, and 50% were later joined by their families who immigrated as well.

The Ministry of Defense is pleased with the statistics and recently held a meeting with leaders of Zionist youth movements abroad in hope of enabling members of other groups to immigrate and enlist in the IDF (Zahal) via the Garin Tzabar program.

“We want Garin Tzabar to take other Zionistic youth movements under its wing,” explains head of the department in charge for the program, Haim Ben Ami. “These teens have a lot of motivation and they inspire the IDF (Zahal) every day. Our five year goal is to have a thousand Garin Tzabar members annually,” he adds.