A Palestinian terrorist detonated a cart laden with explosives today, near an IDF force that was performing routine operations in the proximity of the Dahaniyah Airport, in the Gaza Strip.

After the cart exploded, the terrorist began to run toward the fore. The soldiers of the force performed arrest procedure to stop the suspect. Following these procedures, they called to him in Arabic and Hebrew to stop and they fired warning shots into the air. When the terrorist failed to heed the soldiers’ warnings and continued to run towards the force, the soldiers fired a number of times at his legs and wounded him. No soldiers from the force were injured in the incident.

An IDF medical force located in the area administered first aid to the terrorist and evacuated him to hospital for further medical treatment.

It must be pointed out that the arrival of the terrorist at this location occurred because of the cynical abuse of the movement of Palestinian merchants and residents of the Palestinian Authority who pass through the area during these hours.

At this hour, IDF forces detonated in a controlled explosion numerous powerful explosive devices that were planted in the area.