Family and friends gathered to remember Maj. Amichay Itkis, who dreamed of becoming a pilot and planned to get married this March

Date: 12/11/2010, 11:20 AM    

Throughout the day tens of family members and friends arrived at the Itkis family home in Sde Warburg. They gathered there, recalling fond memories of Amichay as a child, a teenager and an officer and pilot. “One of the strongest memories I have of Amichay was how much he fought to become a pilot after his brother was killed,” remembered one of the neighbors. “His father, Chaim, was very hesitant about signing the permission slip but Amichay told him, ‘dad, you have to’.”

“Flying was something that interested him from a young age,” added a family friend. “He worked very hard during his pilot’s course to make that dream come true.” Amichay planned to get married this coming March. “It’s difficult to grasp that the joyous occasion we were to be gathered for in March has turned into a tragedy that engulfs us, family and friends,” said a close friend of the family. “As is expected of the son of educators, he grew into a young man with values and ultimately an incredible man.”

“The family is very loved, a wonderful family,” said another neighbor. “It’s kind of God’s joke when something like this happens – that lightening strikes the same family twice, especially when it’s this kind of family, it’s impossible to understand.”