FIDF representatives meet with the soldiers they support

Lone IDF (Zahal) soldiers from the U.S.

IDF (Zahal) expresses its appreciation for the organization on its 30th anniversary, as an exceptionally large delegations visits military bases and meets with combat soldiers

Date: 02/05/2012, 11:56 AM     Author: Hadas Duvdevani

An exceptionally large delegation of Friends of the IDF (Zahal) (FIDF (Zahal)) representatives visited the Gaza Division last week as part of the organization’s 30th anniversary. The representatives were offered a unique view of the division and the IDF (Zahal) in general, and were impressed with the fruition of their generous donations at the different bases.

The FIDF (Zahal) organization contributes to the IDF (Zahal) by supplying welfare buildings and awarding grants, though most importantly it significantly improves the image of Israel and the IDF (Zahal) around the world. Its representatives come from around the globe, and each work at their respective countries and districts, displaying the true face of the IDF (Zahal). The IDF (Zahal) expresses its appreciation to the organization through visits to military posts and bases and meetings with the combat soldiers they have been supporting for the past 30 years.

During the visit the delegation saw surveillance balloons up close, met with Armored Corps combat soldiers currently stationed in the Gaza Strip region, and spoke with Golani Brigade combat soldiers as they train in camouflage techniques. The representatives dined with the soldiers and visited bases and training exercises across the country, and even met with the Chief of the General Staff, Lt. Gen. Benny Gantz.

In comparison with other delegations that normally include approximately ten representatives, an exceptionally large number of representatives arrived in honor of the 30th anniversary celebration. The interaction with the soldiers was special, and the highlight of the trip.