Field Intelligence Observers

Field Intelligence

An all-female unit that defends the borders of Israel day and night

Date: 28/07/2011, 9:39 PM     Author: Rotem Eliav

“Intelligence gathering is extremely professional and demands extensive training and instruction,” said Brig. Gen. Eli Pollack, the Head Field Intelligence Officer.

The Field Intelligence Observers are an all-female unit of the Field Intelligence Crops, working 24 hours a day behind computer screens defending the borders of Israel. During extremely long shifts, the observers make sure there are no suspicious bodies or infiltration attempts in their designated areas.

If a suspect is identified, they track it and simultaneously inform the relevant forces in the field. The girls also have the option of using the See-Shoot device enabling them to fire from afar after receiving permission and specific instructions from their commanders.

The observers remain at the same base throughout their service and know the details of every inch of their area.

Brig. Gen. Pollack said at a recent Field Intelligence Corps award ceremony that, “the Field Intelligence Observers exhibit extremely high motivation.” He continues to explain how they cover shifts for eachother when necessary, expecially during a crisis. “They understand the importance of what they do, and that’s the most important thing,” Brig. Gen. Pollack concludes.