Combat fitness at the Wingate institute, operates one of the most important departments of self-defense, the Krav Maga Department. Kicking, using weapons, fists and handcuffs have been part of the Israeli army combat effort for over 60 years

Date: 06/09/2009, 5:56 PM     Author: Dikla Schneider

At the Wingate institute, talented combat soldiers of various IDF (Zahal) units are trained to use Krav Maga, a martial arts technique developed by the IDF (Zahal), which is intended to provide means for dealing with an armed enemy. “Because we wear uniforms, we are targets of hostile activities,” explains the head of the Krav Maga department, Major Niso Yitzhkab. “Learning and training can help soldiers to use self-defense to help, assist and to overcome the enemy.”

The Krav Maga technique is an Israeli fighting method that was first developed in the IDF (Zahal) in 1944. Over the years the system expanded to other countries and today it is recognized throughout the world. The method is based on responses of natural instinctive movements. Krav Maga does not intend to make a big physical change to the body but rather to use the natural abilities that already exist in every person. It includes hand to hand combat using sticks, weapons, fists, kicks and even handcuffs.

Combatants who have passed the Krav Maga training at Wingate return to their respective units to fulfill their previous roles however they go back more prepared for combat.