The initial investigation into the Merkava tank incident (which took place on 14.02.02) found that the protective and survival elements of the tank operated as expected, and, among other things, saved the life of the gunner. The initial findings clarified that the explosive power of the bomb was very large, and that it was not possible to prevent the damage and loss of life by additional armor, an underbelly modular plate-“belly plate.” (The ammunition in the tank did not explode and the tank did not catch fire). It should be noted that there is no battle tank in the world that can stand such a powerful blast under its bottom. The commander of the tank and its crew operated with determination while portraying initiative and a fighting spirit, when they charged the suspected location of the terrorist cell involved in the incident. Thus fulfilling all that is expected of them as combat soldiers, worthy of example. The Commander of IDF Army Headquarters, Maj. Gen. Yiftah Ron-Tal, appointed an investigation committee, headed by the IDF Chief of Armor, to examine all of the technical, professional and operational aspects of the incident.