Five Facts about IDF’s Efforts in Academic Education

How do IDF (Zahal) doctors and engineers enter the army knowing so much about their fields? Five facts about how the IDF (Zahal) helps career officers wanting to become lawyers, dentists and more

Date: 03/02/2011, 10:52 AM     Author: IDF (Zahal) Website

1. The IDF (Zahal)’s Academic Reserve program is designed to enlist soldiers who’ve received a bachelor’s degree in subject matter useful to positions in the army. These academic officers can postpone their military service to study subjects such as engineering, medicine, law and more and join the army once they’ve acquired their degrees.

2. With the completion of their studies they enter the army as officers according to compulsory service law. These officers are required to lengthen their services by three years, men and women alike.

3. During their studies, these academic officers are not entirely disconnected from the army. On vacations from school like summer break, for example, they are drafted to take part in different army activities (depending on the army’s needs). These include basic training, activities during operations, etc.

4. The IDF (Zahal) offers academic officers tuition and benefits during their services including a higher salary in their compulsory service (usually the time soldiers get paid the lowest salaries), the right to work outside of the army and the right to go abroad when still in the army. Those who study medicine and dentistry also receive aid in rent starting their 4th year of studies.

5.The IDF (Zahal) also has several unique academic programs, such as a program that trains young soldiers research and development strategies in the army and various security systems and one which helps young people coming from Israel’s lowest socioeconomic backgrounds get an education.