Five facts about the Magic Wand anti-missile system

Magic Wand system was designed to counter the threat of medium range rockets and missiles

Date: 20/07/2011, 8:26 PM     Author: IDF (Zahal) Website

In 2006, the Israeli company Rafael and the American company Raytheon were awarded a contract to develop a defense system to counter the threat of medium range rockets and missiles. The project was jointly developed by Israel and the United States and was born out of the understanding that mid-to-long range missiles pose an increasing threat.

Rafael is the main contractor of the project and developed the “David’s sling” interceptor. Tadiran, Raytheon and Elta are sub-contractors of the command and control devices, the launcher and the radar.

The process by which the Magic Wand system intercepts a missile is as follows: identifying and classifying the threat; discovering the launch of a surface-to-surface missile; estimating the threat and planning the interception; separating the accelerator and cruising towards the target; locking in on the target; launching the interceptor; and hitting/destroying the target.

The Magic Wand system will operate in conjunction with other anti-missile systems, including the Iron Dome, Arrow and Patriot systems, to provide Israel with a comprehensive air defense network.

The Magic Wand will be absorbed into the IAF in the coming years. The IAF has been involved in all stages of the development of the system.