Following the continuous shooting from the neighborhoods of Abu Sneina and hart a – Shekh in Hebron in recent days, the wounding of two Israeli women on Wednesday, one seriously and the other lightly, and shooting at Israeli worshipers at the tomb of the Patriarchs in Hebron, IDF forces have occupied commanding areas in the neighborhood of Abu Sneina and Hart a – Shekh in the city, from where repeated shooting at the Jewish community and security forces originated. The forces will maintain a presence and will conduct military activity according to operational needs, in order to prevent the continuous shooting toward the Jewish community and the security forces.

IDF forces will carry out their missions while avoiding harm to innocent civilians.

The IDF Spokesperson regrets that the IDF was forced to carry out, in practice, the role of Palestinian Authority of maintaining order and preventing terror attacks toward the Jewish community, as it promised in the cease fire agreement.

However, having no choice, and because the Palestinian Authority is not fulfilling its role, the IDF will continue to carry out any activity required to protect the local citizens. IDF forces will hold a presence and will carry out the necessary activity for a limited duration, which will be determined according to the operational requirements on the ground.