Fostered by al-Qaeda, Global Jihad takes roots in Sinai

According to an Israeli Intelligence Commemoration Center report, Jihad takes advantage of local chaos and relies on support from Libya, North Sudan and Iraq

Date: 14/08/2012, 7:37 PM     Author: IDF (Zahal) Website

Global Jihad activists operating in the Gaza Strip and Sinai are taking steps to turn the Sinai Peninsula into an intensive terror activity site, according to a report published by the Israeli Intelligence and Heritage Commemoration Center, today (Tuesday, August 14). The area will be used by Global Jihad activists who rely on logistical supplies provided by countries such as Libya, North Sudan and Iraq.

The report was published after the attempted terror at the Kerem Shalom region earlier this month, and addresses it as an effort by Jihad activists operating in the Gaza Strip to carry out terror attacks against Israel through the Sinai region while taking advantage of the anarchy and chaos currently dominating the area. Ayman al-Zawahiri, current al-Qaeda leader and Osama bin Laden’s successor, actively supports these efforts.

Palestinian terror organizations active in Gaza have access to local Bedouin organizations in Sinai who are “affiliated with the Global Jihad and driven by both business and financial incentives as well as ideological ones,” according to the report. The report also mentioned that the terror organizations take advantage of the anarchy and lack of Egyptian authority in Sinai to carry out terror attacks through the region.

The report also referred to repeated attempts by the Hamas terror organization to promote “low key” terror attacks and enable other terror organizations to carry out such attacks without a particular organizational affiliation.

“This policy by Hamas is put into effect mostly by searching for alternative routes to carry out terror attacks in Israeli territory through the Sinai Peninsula. These may include rocket fire attack, targeting of Israeli sites near the Israel-Egypt border, and smuggling weapons deep into Israeli territory,” the report detailed. “Hamas as well as other terrorist organizations make sure to conceal this operation method and occasionally deny such activity is taking place, in order to avoid provoking Israeli responses and to avoid complicating their relationship with Egypt since Muhammad Morsi was elected as the Egyptian president.”