Four explosives captured at the Beka’ot crossing

Alertness of soldiers stationed at the crossing prevents severe terror attack. This is the second time weapons are captured at the crossing just this month

Date: 25/04/2012, 11:37 AM     Author: IDF (Zahal) Website

Four explosives were captured on Tuesday (April 24), on the eve of the Israeli Memorial Day, at the Beka’ot crossing. In the late afternoon two Palestinians arrived at the crossing, located north of Jericho and east of Nablus, carrying a suspicious bag among their belonging. The soldiers stationed at the crossing insisted upon searching the suspects and found four explosives, preventing a disaster. The suspects were detained for investigation by security forces. 

“The suspects most likely arrived from the Nablus area, and got off a vehicle that brought them near the crossing,” said commander of a combat engineering company securing the crossing, Cpt. Amir Zergeri. “They approached the crossing by foot, and acted suspiciously,” he added. It is still unclear whether the suspects belong to a terror organization or are independent terrorists.

This is the second time this month weapons were captured at the aforementioned crossing. Approximately two weeks ago a military police force discovered seven explosives, three knives and 50 bullets among a Palestinian’s belongings. The terrorist was taken for further investigation by security forces.

Additionally, approximately three days ago four explosives, a pistol and ammunition were discovered at the Tapuach Junction in Samaria. The two Palestinians involved are also from the Nablus area, and were arrested by Border Police and local police forces.