French immigrants visit Israel Air Force base

New Israelis get a taste of life at one of the IAF’s main bases, Tel Nof

Date: 26/12/2011, 4:26 PM     Author: Dana Russo, IAF Website

They may have only immigrated to Israel several months ago, but one group of French immigrants has already been exposed to more sights than many Israelis.

No, the sights were not the Dead Sea or Masada. Rather, they were of the Israel Air Force’s Tel Nof base.

The group toured the base, parents and children, and underwent a unique experience. They started at the Spearhead squadron, where they saw a film documenting the IAF’s historic flyover of the Auschwitz death camp, bringing tears to many eyes. They also heard lectures on the squadron, the base and the IAF.

The children tried on flight helmets, and later went out to see the real thing. An IAF officer talked about the abilities of the F-15 Baz aircraft and the children were allowed to climb on board. Two girls were thrilled to hear that five women are graduating the most recent IAF flight course.

“We are all young families, and this is the main reason we immigrated to Israel,” said one of the visitors.” We wanted our children to grow up here. It is also very important for me that they will enlist in the IDF (Zahal) and this visit definitely inspired them. It makes me very happy since my goal is that they will love this country and want to contribute to it.”