From the field: “We were prepared for a large scale terrorist attack”

The officer that led the soldiers last night as they thwarted a terrorist attack at the Israel-Egypt border recounts the incident and praises his company’s operation

Date: 07/08/2012, 1:28 AM     Author: IDF (Zahal) Spokesperson Media Branch

Cpt. Natti Lasri, a company commander in the Armored Corps, was one of the first soldiers to jump into action during last night’s attempted terrorist attack. He and his fellow friends thwarted an infiltration by terrorists into Israeli territory. In interview with the IDF (Zahal) Website Cpt. Lasri said, “We recently received numerous warnings of a large-scale terrorist attack and were on high alert over the past two weeks.”

When the incident began to unfold, at around 8:00 pm local time, Cpt. Lasri received a notice that something unusual is taking place at the Philadelphi Route, connecting Egypt and the Gaza Strip. “I had a bad feeling, I dropped what I was doing and called my deputy ordering him to prepare the tank and the unit so that we would be able to arrive at the site of the incident as quickly as possible,” he recounted. Cpt. Lasri quickly joined his soldiers and tank, set in motion within seconds. The tank was headed towards the border at the Philadelphi Route.

“While in motion I received reports of an explosive truck that detonated at the Israel-Egypt border. An additional reported we received indicated that two vehicles carrying terrorists arrived at the border with Egypt, that one exploded and the other entered Israeli territory,” he said. “The armored personnel carrier (APC) was approximately 200 meters away from us. We prepared the canon to fire and placed the shell in the barrel.”

An additional force arrived at the scene and fired two shells at the terrorists’ APC. The shells killed two terrorists, preventing them from entering Israel and carrying out an attack. “After we saw the shells hit the APC we began searching the area in order to ensure no additional terrorists were in Israeli territory.”

Cpt. Lasri added that all forces and systems operated extremely well, including cooperation between the Israeli Air Force, the Armored Crops, and infantry forces. Additional, Cpt. Lasri praised his company and their preparedness and determination: “We operated in the best way possible and prevented an attack. I am extremely pleased with my company.”