German Submarines Make Their Way to the IDF Navy

Bamahane Magazine

Acquiring new submarines means a need for more soldiers and officers: the Navy’s preparations for the IDF (Zahal)’s purchase

Date: 13/01/2011, 3:17 PM     Author: Mor Sopher, Bamahane Magazine

After months of preparation, the Israeli Navy is prepared to receive its new submarine. In the last two enlistment cycles for the corps’s Submarine Flotilla, there was an increase of 30% combat soldiers
trained for the position, a result of two new submarines acquired from Germany.

Navy officials explain that the submarines’ arrival will increase the number of such vessels in the IDF (Zahal). In
order to have enough soldiers to successfully operate the new vessels, more fighters will complete the course each cycle.

These soldiers completed their naval course just two weeks ago. “We’re at the peak of a process and we’re slowly adding more crews to be trained for the position,” explains Commander of the Naval Training Base, Col. Ronen Nimni. “Additionally, we made sure to increase the number of commanders to maintain more personalized instruction for soldiers.”

Until today, the mix of naval officers was mostly included those for the Missile Boat Flotilla. As a result of the new additions, however, this could change. The training base explains there might be a 35% increase in the number of cadets trained for submarines.

The decision to increase the number of combat soldiers and officers in the Submarine Flotilla also affects logistics at the Naval Training Base including a need for more spacious rooms for soldiers, more classrooms and more instructors. “The training base is prepared for any increase in the number of officers and combat soldiers,” says commander of submarine operations school, Maj. I.