Givati Brigade Commander: We will continue to lead

Col. Levi. Archive photo

Col. Ofer Levi awarded citations of merit to the outstanding officers and soldiers from the brigade which recently celebrated its 30th anniversary

Date: 13/05/2013, 6:00 PM     Author: Noam Witman

Soldiers and commanders from the Givati Infantry Brigade gathered earlier this month for a ceremony held to honor the Brigade Commander’s outstanding officers and soldiers. “The brigade has expressed the motto of: ‘The best fighters – Givati’, through excellence in combat,” Brigade Commander Col. Ofer Levi told the soldiers, adding that the outstanding soldiers are following in the footsteps of “generations of soldiers who chose to go beyond and to excel.”

”We have an important operational deployment in Judea and Samaria ahead of us,” Col Levi said, “and we are ready for the greatest mission ahead of us – the defense of the country”. He said that the Givati Brigade will continue its proud legacy by leading from the front. “Just as we were the first to lead in the last operation – Pillar of Defense – so we will continue to lead today.”

The Purple Brigade marked its 30th anniversary with a ‘legacy day’ which included the first brigade-wide race of its kind as well as information stations that presented pictures and stories about the brigade from the past and present. “Throughout the last 30 years, the brigade has been home to the best from all the land,” Col. Levi concluded.