Givati Brigade continues to prepare for the future

Following Operation Pillar of Defense, Givati trains and prepares for future missions, including with a recent day of competition between its artillery units

Date: 30/12/2012, 4:08 PM     Author: Hadas Duvdevani

Since Operation Pillar of Defense, the Givati Brigade has not rested, but instead has continued to train and to prepare for the missions that are still before it. Last week, it held a day of competition between its various artillery units, improving its professional skill level and strengthening its battalions in all aspects of artillery.

“The Givati Brigade has excellent people who have proven themselves in operational activity and, of course, in Gaza. From an operative perspective, during Pillar of Defense, the Brigade was called first and was quickly prepared Southern Command Artillery Commander Col. Shachar Gilad told the IDF (Zahal) Website. “The day has come to summarize this period – their daily work during a time of operational activity – and I am full of pride when I see their capabilities. We must not forget that all of these things were designed in order to be prepared for war.”

Givati Brigade Commander Col. Ofer Levi attended the competition so as to support the artillery soldiers and to express his appreciation. “I am happy to have the opportunity to bring together the artillery between events, while Pillar of Defense is fresh in their minds,” he said. “Artillery soldiers, like all of us, were extremely busy, and after this day we are improving the level of training and preparedness. I know how hard the work is and how important the maintenance and artillery missions are. This is my chance to show my great appreciation for that.”

Col. Levi told the IDF (Zahal) Website that Operation Pillar of Defense improved Givati’s preparedness. “The Brigade is at 100 percent strength. We must always train and prepare ourselves for the operational missions,” he said. The hard-working artillery soldiers deserve to feel special and to understand that what they do is important and significant.”

The day of competition among artillery units is an annual tradition within the Givati Brigade. Soldiers are tested in all areas, including optics, armored personnel carriers (APCs), weapons and Hummers. “Our goal is to develop and to encourage professional skills and quality within the battalions. We caused malfunctions in instruments and tested the artillery soldiers’ professionalism and capabilities in fixing them,” explained Givati’s Artillery Officer, Maj. Rachel Levi.

“In Operation Pillar of Defense, the artillery operated excellently,” she noted. “In a very short time, we prepared the Brigade – with all of the vehicles, the instruments, the weapons and the ammunition – for a ground invasion. When we see the significance of this in reality,” she added, “we understand how impressive this achievement is.”