Environmental awareness in the IDF (Zahal) continues to be a priority: On Tuesday (August 4th) a seminar was held at the training base of the Ordnance Corps regarding environmental protection

Date: 05/08/2009, 6:43 PM     Author: Na’ama Rak

Global concern regarding environmental protection has increased in recent years, and the IDF (Zahal) is no exception. Nowadays, the IDF (Zahal) implements various projects and programs in order to minimize damages and maintain the health of the environment. On Tuesday (August 4th), the IDF (Zahal) opened its gates for the first time to environmental journalists. The seminar was held at the training base of the Ordnance Corps in Tzrifin.

Throughout the day, representatives from various groups presented information about their projects related to environmental protection. In addition, there was an exhibition regarding the use of solar energy and water recycling.

Nowadays, every group in the army has trained people dealing with issues related to environmental protection. Recently, an environmental protection administration was established in the Technological and Logistics Directorate. Head of the Administration, Lt. Col. Eli Paz, says that there is no difference between saving the environment and defending the country. “We are aware that security matters will always precede environmental matters, but my challenge is to combine the two.”

During the seminar, lectures were held by different group representatives of the IDF (Zahal) that revealed environmental projects taking place in their respective units. Col. Michael Zisman, Head of the Construction Department of the IAF, spoke about the corps project. The project prevents the seeping of jet gas, and the Green It Project, which oversees the shutting down of computers automatically during the night and on weekends. Major Victor Vice, Head of the Battle Heritage and the Environmental News Department in the Manpower Directorate, discussed the Education Corps’s environmental activity. Lt. Col. Eran Tovel, Head of the Chemical Materials of the GOC Army Headquarters, presented alternative solutions to destroy ammunition. Major Racheli Beretz- Rix, Head of the Environmental Department of the Navy, presented oceanic solutions regarding this topic, which include the inspection of the energy and water consumption of the corps, in addition to the improvement of the system of transporting liquid and preventing oceanic pollution.