Golani Soldiers Training to Use Advanced Infantry APC

IDF (Zahal) Spokesperson

Battalions of the Golani Brigade are being trained to use the new advanced Infantry APC – Namer – at the School for Infantry Corps Professions and Squad Commanders

Date: 23/06/2009, 5:09 PM     Author: Arnon Ben-Dror

Over the next few weeks, a battalion of the Golani Brigade will finish their training on the new advanced Infantry APC (armored personnel carrier) known as the Namer, at the School for Infantry Corps Professions and Squad Commanders.

Currently, companies within the same battalion are being trained to use the Namer APC directly, while the veteran companies have transitioned from using the former commonly used APC, the Achzarit, to the Namer. Each squad in the battalion is expected to get its own Namer, which will accompany them throughout their entire service. Once the battalion from the Golani Brigade completes their training, another battalion will have the opportunity to train its combat soldiers to use the Namer.

“The receiving of the Namer is far beyond any expectations. The reliability of the APC and the reliability of the weapons system create a full sense of security,” says Lt. Col. Guy Berger, Head of the Infantry Branch in the School for Infantry Corps Professions and Squad Commanders. “The Namer is a historical breakthrough; we view it not only as a weapon, but also as a new capability that constitutes a revolution.”

“The Namer enables the Infantry to fight equally alongside the Armored Corps, if not ahead, because it is faster and provides more protection than a tank, and has an advantage in parts of its weapons systems,” continues Lt. Col. Berger. Regarding Operation Cast Lead, when the Namer was tested for the first time, Lt. Col. Berger said, “During the operation, only a small part of the Namer’s capabilities were required, however, its comfort and navigability were a great success.”

In addition, the GOC Army Headquarters emphasizes that the Achzarit APC is still the primary armored fighting vehicle of the Infantry Corps and was also used during the last operation in Gaza.