Golani’s frontline resuscitation unit practices medical evacuations

The unit, designed to evacuate casualties from the battlefield, held a week-long exercise to refresh its reservists’ operational qualifications

Date: 13/09/2012, 8:32 PM     Author: Limor Mored

Throughout this week, reservists of the Golani Brigade’s frontline resuscitation company, which specializes in evacuating injured soldiers from the battlefield in intensive care, carried out an exercise refreshing their operational and professional qualifications.

Among scattered stretchers and boxes of medical supplies, simulated casualties streamed in and were treated by the medical team.

“The company is able to treat the wounded, anytime and anywhere, with advanced life-support capabilities like those in hospitals’ emergency rooms,” Maj. Limor explained. “The composition of its members, the professionalism, and advanced tools allow for the capacity to give intensive care in the field, in the event that a medical evacuation is problematic. The Golani Brigade’s objectives and operational missions require that we maintain a very high level of professionalism.”

The frontline resuscitation company consists of three platoons. The first is responsible for transferring the wounded from the battlefield, either on foot or in vehicles, towards medical care points at the rear of the battlefield. This unit spent the week training in navigation and infantry tactics. The second platoon is the emergency care department, which provides initial triage and treatment for wounded soldiers. The third platoon is the intensive care unit, which engages in more involved medical treatment in the field, as well as analyzing and monitoring serious injuries.
Each platoon is comprised of doctors who practice in Israel’s various hospitals, paramedics from Magen David Adom, medics, and infantry soldiers.

The connection between the reservists in the unit is one of tightly knit camaraderie lasting many years. “The high level of motivation, the years of friendship, and the extraordinary dedication form a bond that is the foundation of the unit’s spirit and of the entire battlefield medical system,” said Maj. Limor.

This was the last exercise under the outgoing company commander, Maj. Erez Ramti, and the first exercise of the incoming commander, Maj. Limor Adi.