Graduates of IAF officers’ training receive their ranks

Israel Air Force Commander to new officers: “You are the future of the command and the leadership of the Air Force”

Date: 14/01/2013, 7:08 PM     Author: Shani Poms, IAF Website

Nearly 100 cadets of the Israel Air Force officially became officers in a ceremony held yesterday (Sunday, January 13). After completing their training, the graduates were presented with their new ranks by Commander of the IAF Maj. Gen. Amir Eshel.

“Each one of you has a significant share in the success of the Air Force,” Maj. Gen. Eshel told the new officers. “Your ability to integrate in the collective activity will influence our ability to triumph.” He emphasized that the tests facing the IDF (Zahal) in the future will be more complex.

“The Air Force is led by a group of commanders and officers that truly bears the burden of the security of the State of Israel,” Maj. Gen. Eshel added. “You are the graduates who have been found worthy to be part of the leading group. You are the future of the command and the leadership of the Air Force.”

Just a few months ago the importance of the Air Force in the protection of the citizens of Israel was revealed to the cadets. During Operation Pillar of Defense, they joined the campaign by protecting Iron Dome batteries. “It was good to feel that I’m contributing in the field and not just reading about the events from afar,” said Second Lt. Omri Arens, grandson of former Minister of Defense, Moshe Arens. Second Lt. Arens completed two academic degrees in the US, and made aliyah to Israel a year ago and enlisted as an academic officer. “For me, the officer corps is a place to develop, and it’s a mark of pride for me and for my family.”

Welcome to officer school

After completing the course at the instructional base and earning the right to wear the platoon commander pin on their collars, the cadets arrived at the IAF’s officer school, located at the Ovda base in the south. There they underwent supplementary Air Force instruction and each one specialized in a specific field: intelligence, technicians, operations and administration.

“I’m going to be an officer in the Air Defense Formation,” said Second Lt. Adi Mored, who began her path in the Air Force as an aerial operations coordinator in the Aerial Firefighting Unit and was awarded a President of Israel’s exceptional solder award. “I am very excited for the end of the completio course,” she said. “In my eyes, it is a challenging pathway with a lot of influence and responsibility.”