The Chief Military Police Officer, Brigadier General Yoram Tsahor granted recently several certificates of appreciation to agents and operators of the Special Investigations Central Unit of the Military Police.

One certificate was given to an agent and operator who operated against a soldier serving in an IDF base in central Israel, suspected of holding weapons. During the operation the soldier sold a stun grenade to the agent, was caught and arrested. In a search held in his house many weapons and army property were found.

The certificate in the field of drugs was granted to a team of agents following operations that lead to the arrest of three soldiers suspected of selling drugs.

The intelligence operations, undercover and sophisticated, led to the capture of six kilograms of marijuana, one hundred and ninety nine Ecstasy pills, and seventy LSD pills.

The Military Police conducts a continuous fight against drugs in the IDF through use of new technological means operated by a professional and qualitative work force in the field of intelligence and investigation.