Brigadier General Eyal Ben Reuven was granted this morning, in the office of the Chief General of The Staff, the position of Commandant of Enlistment and promoted to the Rank of General.
General Reuven will replace General Doron Almog, who was appointed three weeks ago as GOC Southern Command.

Brigadier General Eyal Ben Reuven was drafted into the Armored corps in 1972 and served in all positions within the chain of command in the Barak brigade. In the “Yom Kippur” War, He fought in the Suetz canal and in Ramat HaGolan. In the Shlom HaGalil War, he fought as Commander of the Armored Battalion in Lebanon.

Brigadier General Ben Reuven was Commander of the Armored corps officer’s course, and was in command of two armored brigades:
The Barak brigade (during his service, the first Merkava mark 3 tanks were received), and the Ekvot haBarzel Brigade.

Furthermore, Brigadier General Ben Reuven was in command of a reserve division, in command of the Ozbat HaPlada armored division, and Commandant of the Battalion commanders course.
During his last position, Reuven lead the blooming conversion of the Field Corps headquarters into ground forces headquarters, as the Chief of Staff.

Brigadier General Ben Reuven is a Graduate of the IDF Command and Staff College, and holds a first degree in Social Studies in the University of Haifa, Graduate of the school for Warfare in Carlisle U.S.A and is now in the process of studying for a second degree.

Brigadier General Eyal Ben Reuven lives with his spouse Yael and is father to three children.