Greek Air Force Commander visits IAF bases

Cooperation between the IDF (Zahal) and the Greek military continues in another official visit from Gen. Maniatis

Date: 09/12/2011, 12:40 PM     Author: IAF Website

Greece Air Force Commander, Gen. Constantinos Maniatis landed in Israel as IAF Commander, Maj. Gen. Ido Nehushtan’s guest.

Gen. Maniatis, visited the “Ramon” Airbase where IAF Helicopter Squadrons Commander, Brig. Gen. David Barky, showed him a squadron and let him try out one of the aircraft.

Continuing to “Palmachim” Airbase, Gen. Maniatis visited the training squadron at the Airbase where Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) and helicopter flight simulators are operated. After a briefing of the training facilities and their abilities, Gen. Maniatis tested the “UH-60 Blackhawk” simulator himself.

The visitors also viewed a presentation by the “Cobra” helicopter operating squadron. The Greek and Israeli air crew members discussed the training of pilots on fighter helicopters and further training following their respective pilot training courses.

“Cooperation with Greece has been very successful so far, so there is much justification in my eyes to continue the joint exercises”, said Brig. Gen. Barky. “Greece is important to us: it is close by and utilizes platforms similar to ours. It’s crucial to exchange theories, ideas and evolve together.”

In the past, the IDF (Zahal) held several joint training exercises with the Greek military, including a combined training exercise of naval forces from both Israel and Greece at the Aegean Sea last August (2011). The IAF marine helicopter squadron participated as well, training in naval warfare in a variety of settings.

Air force cooperation with Greece has continued to grow since last April, when Greece participated in a combined training exercise with the Israeli Navy and ships from the 6th US Army Fleet, used for anti-submarine warfare. Additionally, at the beginning of July, another drill with Greece took place involving several different IAF squadrons.

The Greek Air Force commander previously came for an official visit in Israel last May, during which he visited the IAF Headquarters as well as two air force bases at Hatzerim and Ramat David.