Ground Forces Command presents work plan for 2013

The program was presented at a conference held last week, attended by top commanders. Objectives include realistic, integrated drills and more pragmatic officer training

Date: 01/06/2013, 1:40 PM     Author: Nitzan Keinar, Ground Forces Website

The Ground Force Command presented its work plan for 2013 at a special conference held last week, attended by senior commanders from throughout the IDF (Zahal).

During the conference, Head of the Ground Forces Brigade Brig. Gen. Oren Abman presented the Ground Forces’ objectives for the coming year. Among these goals, the Ground Forces Command has set an overarching goal of carrying out high-quality, challenging drills in operational settings as similar as possible to actual battlefields. The emphasis in these drills will be on integrated combat, and in one such drill various ground units will operate shoulder-to-shoulder.

The annual program also sets out a change in the Ground Forces’ approach to training officers, aiming to prioritize practical command studies over theoretical studies.

The event included a lecture by Dr. David Passig, a futurist specializing in trends in technology, society and education, in which he discussed predictions of future military developments in the Middle East. Afterwards, the participants discussed the annual plan, made comments and offered suggestions – each one focusing on his or her area of experience.

At the end of the conference, Chief of the Ground Forces Command Maj. Gen. Sami Turgeman discussed the plan. “We must continue to invest in the preparation of forces and operational capabilities,” he said. “The work plan for the coming year is well planned, and I expect the cooperation of all of the commanders. I believe that we have an interesting year ahead of us as far as objectives and work.”