Ground Forces to implement new and improved hand grenades

Initial training with the new grenades, Photo:Ground Forces

Improving safety in the battlefield, infantry soldiers will receive bullet-resistant fragmentation grenades and long-range smoke grenades in the coming months

Date: 08/04/2012, 5:35 PM     Author: Idan Sonsino

IDF (Zahal) to receive two new types of grenades this year: one bullet-resistant fragmentation grenade and the other allowing improved tracking of enemy forces.

In the coming weeks, all IDF (Zahal) ground forces combat units will receive bullet-resistant fragmentation grenades. This new model features a safety mechanism that, when activated, will prevent a spark from detonating the grenade so that only ejecting the safety catch can set it off.

Maj. Yoav Galster, Combat Equipment Commander in the Land Forces Weapons Division said, “There are already dozens of these grenades in IDF (Zahal) possession. The use and operation will stay the same; there will only be a great leap forward in terms of safety. This is the first durable ammunition currently used by the Ground Forces.”

He also stated that in addition to creating and distributing new grenades, the IDF (Zahal) is considering upgrading the safety mechanisms on old grenades, giving them the same safety features as the new models.

Before the end of the year, infantry soldiers will receive an additional type of grenade, known as launched smoke grenades. This smoke grenade can be fired from a launcher, in contrast to the present model, which can only be thrown. The improvement will allow soldiers to track enemy forces dozens of meters further than they currently can, giving them a significant advantage in battle.

“We can now hit the enemy and track the enemy’s movements thoroughly in the field. While tracking enemy forces we will no longer give them an opportunity to fire back at us due to the grenades’ short range. This development will greatly reduce risk during combat,” said Maj. Galster.