Gunfire attack against IDF soldiers in Binyamin

For the first time in four years, IDF (Zahal) soldiers were fired at during routine activity in the Binyamin Regional Brigade in Judea and Samaria last week

Date: 25/01/2012, 6:23 PM     Author: Florit Shoihet

For the first time in four years IDF (Zahal) soldiers were fired at on Thursday (January 19) in the Binyamin area in Judea and Samaria during routine operational activity in Ramallah.

One of the battalion’s vehicles drove by a crowd of people on a main street and was attacked. Five bullets hit the vehicle, damaging it though no injuries were reported. “It is unclear whether this is a onetime incident or a growing trend of terror attacks,” clarified officials of the Binyamin Brigade that mentioned that “this is an unusual event and the threat of gunfire attacks persists.”

The forces in the region continue to train for different scenarios and threats. Just last week, a reserve battalion of the Binyamin Regional Brigade held a training exercise, practicing for terror attacks against Israeli vehicles on main routes and more.

The combat soldiers were required to deal with terrorists, many injured civilians, and a complex drill. “We are very satisfied with the training, that prepares us for operation in the region,” said battalion commander, Lt. Col. Boaz Klein after the training exercise. “Since we began operating here many things changed, though we feel prepared nonetheless.”

The battalion is expected to hold two additional complex training exercises, preparing them for any threat.