Hanukkah at the IDF Website: Eighth candle with the Kfir Brigade

Every night of Hanukkah, the IDF (Zahal) website is lighting a candle with a different unit in the field, celebrating the eighth candle with Kfir soldiers at their post

Date: 28/12/2011, 10:48 AM     Author: Matan Galin and Florit Shoihet

Despite the cold weather, operational activity in the Samaria region continues. Though a battalion of the Kfir Brigade stationed at a post in the area makes sure to celebrate the last night of Hanukkah.

Several times throughout the holiday, the soldiers were forces to put their holiday celebration on hold, gear up and leave for operational activity fighting terror in the dead of night. For the holiday, the battalion received 40 menorahs, hundreds of candles and lots of holiday spirit.

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Hanukkah at the IDF Website: Eighth candle with the Kfir Brigade

The Heroes: The best battalion in the Kfir Brigade

The Holy Temple: The Hermesh post, in northern Samaria

The Big Light: a group of civilians came to celebrate
with the soldiers bringing holiday cheer and lots of fresh ‘sufganiot’ (holiday donuts)

The Best Part: Holiday party with the company. Other than lighting candles, the soldiers answered holiday riddles the winners receiving a day off

The Worst Part: “Of course sometimes we miss our families while lighting candles, but overall we’re alright,” said Sgt. Uriel Weiss Rozen from the operational company.

The Miracle: This was an especially active holiday with the largest number of arrests in our region. The eighth and last candle of the holiday is actually the first candles the soldiers are lighting together, since every other celebration was cancelled for operational activity. “We were suppose to have a holiday party at 7, but ten minutes later a Palestinian threw an explosive and we were rushed to the scene,” said the soldiers from the operational company.

In Conclusion: “Just like the Israeli independence day Hanukkah gives up motivation to continue serving,” said Sgt. Rozen.