Head of Manpower: IDF prepares for a multi-front conflict

Maj. Gen. Barbivai discusses challenges facing the IDF (Zahal) and the Directorate’s work during emergency. “We will need to defend at the borders and the home front”

Date: 10/07/2012, 6:17 PM     Author: Rotem Pesso

Maj. Gen. Orna Barbivai, head of the Manpower Directorate, addressed the annual ceremony honoring exemplary soldiers of the Adjutant Corps yesterday, Monday (July 9). In her speech, she discussed the regional challenges facing the IDF (Zahal), as well as the general staff’s outlook on future actions – with a particular focus on the role of the reserve formation.

Maj. Gen. Barbivai described the stance of the General Staff regarding the regional reality in the Middle East. “Regarding the threat of war, the General Staff understands that conflict can emerge at a number of fronts simultaneously – threatening the Israeli home front as well,” she explained. “In the hour of need, we will need to defend the various fronts and the home front.”

Additionally, she discussed the significance of the Adjutant Corps with regard to calling up reserve soldiers. “We must think about how to ensure an optimal call-up in time of need, and these possible scenarios demand fitness, professionalism, preparedness, and alertness,” she said, adding that the Adjutant Corps is highly prepared and capable of carrying out tasks related to human resources.

“The General Staff and the Chief of the General Staff understand the importance of the people and the human advantage of the military, and they display attention and a willingness to invest,” Maj. Gen. Barbivai added.

She noted that the General Staff Forum held a situation assessment two weeks ago regarding human resources within the IDF (Zahal). “The Chief of Staff sought to focus on the reserve formation, and next week there will be a situation assessment regarding the reserve formation, including calling soldiers to duty,” she said.

The head of the Manpower Directorate also expressed her appreciation for the Adjutant Corps and noted several of its accomplishments over the past year. “Above all, we are professionals who learn from the past,” she declared.