Heavy fire was exchanged today, beginning this morning, between Palestinian policemen and IDF soldiers that were on routine operational activity on the Israel-Egypt border near Rafah.Three explosive charges were detonated against the IDF force that was travelling along the Israel-Egypt border and more than 20 grenades were thrown at it.

There were no casualties among the IDF soldiers.

The exchange of fire lasting some four hours, starting when the forces on routine operational activity detected an explosive charge and detonated it. When the soldiers continued with their movement, the Palestinian threw a number of grenades and opened massive fire against the force from a nearby position. The soldiers returned fire towards the sources of the shooting and destroyed the outpost from which the grenades and shooting originated. During their continued patrol along the route IDF soldiers identified another explosive charge and neutralized it. An additional explosive charge exploded close to the force.

During all this time, Palestinian policemen continued to throw grenades and shot at the soldiers. There were no casualties among the IDF soldiers.