During a joint IDF, Border police, and security services operation last night (19/11) in Tulkarem, Tareq Hilmi Muhammad Zagel, a senior Tanzim operative in the city was killed. Tareq Hilmi Muhammad Zagel had been involved in a number of serious terrorist attacks against Israeli citizens and soldiers.

During the course of the operation, a Palestinian vehicle suddenly broke through a checkpoint and sped towards the area in which the forces were operating, in a clear attempt to run over the soldiers. The soldiers signaled for the car to halt, but when it did not, they fired at it. The car collided with a nearby wall, killing the driver and another passenger.

In addition to this incident, there were several occasions in which Palestinian gunmen opened fire at the forces from different locations. The forces returned fire to the source of the shooting once it had been identified. The following are a list of terrorist attacks that Zagal was involved in:

17/01/2002: The terrorist attack in a reception hall in Hadera in which six Israeli civilians were murdered and a further 26 injured. The investigation following the attack discovered that Zagal had driven the gunman who committed the attack in the hall.

Tareq Hilmi Muhammad Zagel was involved in several additional attempts to carry out terror attacks inside Israel. He was involved in a number of shooting attacks in the Tulkarem region, aimed at IDF forces.

Another five Palestinians wanted by security forces were arrested in last night’s operation, amongst them, two additional senior Tanzim operatives: Gahaud Muhammad Abdullah Jalad, and Hanai Salim Mahmud Nazal.

It is to be noted that the operation succeeded in thwarting a terror attack (known by security sources to be near imminent) seemingly to be committed inside Israel.