Hundreds of recruits enlist in Armored Corps today

The recruits are arriving at the IDF (Zahal)’s recruitment center today, beginning their military service in the Armored Corps

Date: 30/07/2012, 1:18 PM     Author: Iddan Sonsino

Hundreds of new recruits are arriving at the IDF (Zahal)’s recruitment center today, where they are being drafted into the Armored Corps.

After being inducted at the recruitment center, the future combat soldiers will start their long journey at Shizafon, the Armored Corps’ training base. The recruits will begin with pre-basic training, where they will pass tests in order to qualify for the elite reconnaissance units.
The toughest of the bunch will join the ranks of the Armored Reconnaissance Forces, an elite infantry unit that moves before the tanks, collecting essential intelligence and helping direct battalion activity. Much of their activity is classified, taking place deep in enemy territory.
Those chosen for such elite units will undergo basic training at the Golani Brigade’s training base, training with the special forces Egoz Reconnaissance Unit – until the upcoming opening of the school for reconnaissance units. The rest of the Armored Corps recruits will continue training at Shizafon, undergoing level 03 weapons training.
Next, the soldiers will be divided based on the roles that they will assume within the tank: driver, gunner, loader, and tank commander. Those selected to become tank commanders will embark on the commander’s training course, where they will be taught by the outstanding soldiers from previous classes. Soldiers serving in all other roles will undertake a two-month course and begin training for their positions, learning the ins and outs of operating a tank.
Afterwards, they will begin training with their designated brigades. The soldiers’ regular service will be divided between deployments with other infantry units and specialized armored deployments.

Distinct tank brigades

The Armored Corps consists of three regular brigades: 7, 188, and 401, each of which boasts its share of accomplishments.

Brigade 188, which is equipped with Merkava Mark III tanks, is known for its accomplishments during the Yom Kippur War. When Syrian forces attacked the Golan Heights, this brigade stopped their advance. It continued to perform impressively in each of Israel’s conflicts, particularly achieving important successes during the Lebanon War and Operation Cast Lead.

Brigade 7 was the unit that opened the road to Jerusalem during the War of Independence, breaking the siege on Israel’s capital. It also carried out important accomplishments during the 1956 Sinai Campaign and the Second Lebanon War.

Brigade 401 is known mostly for its groundbreaking technology. It is equipped with Merkava Mark IV tanks, which are considered among the world’s leading battle tanks. These tanks were recently supplied with the Trophy active defense system, which protects them from incoming missiles.