Last night in the town of Bitonya, southwest of Ramallah, I.D.F. forces arrested the head of Hamas in Ramallah, Jamal Tawil and the commander of Hamas’ military brigade in the region, Asharaf Abu-Warda.

The two, who are responsible for many attacks against Israeli citizens, gave themselves up to I.D.F. forces. Two handguns were found on the scene. Searches in the area continue at this time.

Similarly, last nigh infantry forces, the armor corps, the engineering corps and special forces commenced operations in the refugee camp Askar which is east of Nablus. Also, last night enlisted and reserve infantry forces in cooperation with the armor corps, the engineering corps and special forces, began initiatives in a number of addition sectors of the West Bank, searching for fugitives, weapons and the terrorist infrastructure. The forces made arrests in the city of Tulkarem; the town of Chirbet Beit Hassan, south of Latroun; the town of Farah, west of Latroun, where up until now five arrests of Palestinian fugitives involved in hostile activities have been arrested; in the town of Luban A-Shrakiyah, north of Ramallah; and in the towns of A-Ram and Anta, south of Ramallah.

The forces are expected to withdraw from Tulkarem once the current action concludes.