Beginning last night, IDF infantry, armor, engineering, and border police forces are operating in the city of Tul Karem which is in Palestinian Authority territory. The city of Tul Karem is used as a focal point for dispatching terrorist attacks, and within the city there are many terrorist infrastructures and terrorists . This city produced a large number of terror attacks that cost the lives of many Israelis. This city was also the place from where the terrorist who carried out the shooting terror attack in Hadera last Thursday exited, in which six Israelis were killed and thirty were wounded. During the operation , IDF. forces seized control of positions within the city , and are conducting searches and detentions of terrorists, locating and destroying terrorist infrastructure as the Palestinian Authority is not doing anything to fight terror. The IDF activity in the city will last until the completion of the search and detention of the terrorists. At the beginning of the operation, the IDF notified the Palestinian Authority , through the District Coordination Offices, about the entrace of it’s forces to the city and of it’s intention to fight the terrorist infrastructures and not the Palestinian Authority.