IAF airbase reuses water saving money and the environment

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New wastewater treatment facility to save up to half a million NIS and fully utilize resources for a greener IDF (Zahal)

Date: 16/02/2012, 11:06 AM     Author: IAF Wesbsite

Ramon Airbase began construction of a new wastewater treatment facility this week. The unique device will recycle sewage water and reuse it for irrigation and watering plants on base, saving hundreds of thousands of cubic meters of water every year.

After intensive planning, the airbase’s sewage problem was resolved saving hundreds of thousands of NIS every year as well as preserving the most valuable resource in Israel- water.

“Since the original waste purification facility stopped working, the base’s sewage water has been flowing outside the base causing environmental damage,” explained Maj. Eduard Rifman, commander at the Ramon Airbase construction unit, responsible for operating and maintaining the new facility. “The project completely solves the contamination problems, and simultaneously enabling us to conserve water and keep our base environmentally friendly.”

The new facility will treat the airbase’s wastewater and reuse almost half of it as appropriate for watering plants. Irrigation systems to water the base’s park and a closed irrigation system for the rest of the base’s plants are currently under construction to fully utilize available resources. “When we utilize the desalinated water we can save up to half a million NIS a year,” mentioned Maj. Rifman. The extra water is used stored for future use.