The IAF and Italian Air Force finished a two-week long training exercise, strenghthehing cooperation between the armies and using the IAF’s Eitam aircraft in a foreign exercise for the first time

Date: 28/11/2010, 12:13 PM    

The Israel Air Force and the Italian Air Force concluded an extensive, two-week long exercise in Sardinia on Friday (Nov. 26).

IAF squadrons The Twin-Tail Knights and The Spearhead F-15 from the Tel-Nof IAF base participated in the exercise, as well as the Defenders Of The South and The Golden Eagle F-16 squadrons from the Nevatim IAF base.

It was the Eitam (G550) Air Traffic Control Aircraft’s first overseas training exercise.

The Italian Air Force trained with several advanced aircrafts (for example the Eurofighter Typhoon, AMX, Panavia Tornado and the F-16).

The exercise was conducted to keep IAF operational capabilities strong, train its aircrafts both in large, unfamiliar airspaces and along with foreign aircrafts.

These allow the IAF to learn from foreign air forces and to familiarize itself with the NATO military tactics while strengthening ongoing cooperation with the Italian Air Force.

The exercise was conducted according to a pre-planned, yearly training schedule, part of the extensive cooperation network between different IDF (Zahal) forces and other nations and militaries around the world.