IAF chief: Israel must strive to preserve its aerial superiority

Maj. Gen. Nechushtan says terror groups are exploiting regional turmoil to operate against Israel

Date: 30/01/2012, 9:36 AM     Author: Yael Livnat

IAF Commander Major General Ido Nechushtan said on Sunday (January 29) that Israel must strive to preserve its aerial superiority in the Middle East.

Maj. Gen. Nechushtan was speaking at an international space conference in Herzliya.

“The unrest taking place in the Arab world has brought uncertainty about the future of countries around us and we do not know how this will affect us,” Maj. Gen. Nechushtan said. “With the weakening of rulers around us and the flow of weaponry, Israel cannot remain indifferent. Terrorist organizations are exploiting the turmoil to operate against us.”

The IAF chief talked about the importance of incorporating new technologies in order to maintain superiority on the battlefield.

Maj. Gen. Nechushtan said that the IAF’s investments in unmanned aerial drones in recent years “are proving themselves on the battlefield”.