IAF combat helicopter squadron holds surprise training exercise

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Confronted with numerous emergency scenarios, including a rocket hitting the airbase, all soldiers are highly prepared for any challenge

Date: 01/05/2012, 5:28 PM     Author: IAF Website

The Black-Hawk Squadron held a surprise training exercise simulating an emergency scenario where a rocket hit the Palmachim airbase where it is stationed. The soldiers will be highly prepared, confronting numerous emergency scenarios.

“As far as we’re concerned a war broke out today”, explained Maj. Amir Deputy Squadron Commander. “The main emphasis today is on cooperation between the different forces stationed at the airbase, especially between helicopters and UAVs. It is definitely important when it comes down to it in the warzone.”

“It’s a very diverse airbase”, added Lt. Col. N, First Combat Helicopter Squadron Commander. “When you train together, you gain awareness and skills valuable during real-time combat.”

Combat helicopter pilots were confronted with surprise attacks and more. “Upon taking off the pilots did not know where they would land,” explained Lt. Col. N.

“We were sitting at the station and were suddenly surprised “, said Cpl. Tzachi, one of the pilots that participated in the drill.”We acted quickly and efficiently handled the situation. Exercises like this one are important and should be taken seriously.”