IAF Commander, "Iron Dome soldiers made world history"

Israeli Air Force Commander visited the site of a battery of the Iron Dome system on Saturday afternoon, praising its soldiers but stressing that the system is only in its preliminary stages and the IDF (Zahal) must be prepared in every way

Date: 09/04/2011, 2:04 PM     Author: IDF (Zahal) Website

Commander of the Israeli Air Force, Maj. Gen. Ido Nechushtan, visited the site of the Iron Dome battery deployed in Ashkelon with Aerial Defense Network Commander, Brig. Gen. Doron Gavish, on Saturday afternoon (Apr. 9). The IAF Commander spoke with combat soldiers operating the system saying, “I am happy to have started on the right foot with a number of successful interceptions and am sure everyone understands the importance of what you are doing. Ultimately what’s intercepting rockets is not the system but the people operating it.”

Maj. Gen. Nechushtan added that the Iron Dome system is only at its preliminary stages of operation and there is still much to learn about it. “This is only the beginning of its deployment and we have to put things into perspective. You are keeping citizens safe and we must continue to be prepared in every way.” With that, he stressed that the combat soldiers “have already made world history” and that cannot be taken away from them.

Thus far, combat soldiers operating both batteries in Ashkelon and Be’er Sheba have successfully intercepted no less than seven Grad rockets aimed at the cities.