IAF commander meets with bereaved families

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IAF continues to support families who lost loved ones during their military service

Date: 05/09/2011, 8:01 PM     Author: IAF Website

Israeli Air Force Commander, Maj. Gen. Ido Nehoshtan met with families who lost loved ones while serving in the IAF.

Every year the IAF maintains a unique closeness with its bereaved families by arranging annual vacations and other activities.

During this year’s vacation, that took place last week at a resort in northern Israel and is subsidized by The Association for the Wellbeing of Israel’s Soldiers, Maj. Gen. Ido Nehoshtan came to dine and speak with the families.

“I’m thrilled to see all of you here, at one of the most important IAF events,” said Maj. Gen. Nehoshtan to the families. “IAF missions and responsibilities continue to grow and we look to you as our guides and mentors. To us, the relationship with the bereaved families distinguishes and defines the IDF (Zahal) and the state of Israel.”

Several other high ranking officers attended the event as well and a representative from the Association for the Wellbeing of Israel’s soldiers spoke welcoming the families, “it’s an honor to be able to provide you with even the slightest bit of comfort.”