IAF defends Israel’s skies and protects the environment

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IAF prides itself with numerous ‘green’ projects including purification of water, efficient use of energy, recycling, raised awareness among its soldiers and more

Date: 17/04/2012, 12:15 PM     Author: IAF Website

Aside from defending Israel’s skies day and night, the IAF also defends the country on another front: protecting the environment, taking on numerous environmentally friendly measures both on land and in the sky.

Head of the IAF Environmental Division, Maj. David Nahlieli assured that the IAF is aware of the environmental damage inevitably caused by military activity and does everything possible to ‘go green’ protect the environment. “The question is how to avoid the damage in the first place and how to ensure that what we’re doing won’t harm later generations,” he said.

Maj. Nahlieli explained that “From purification of sewage water to saving electricity, we’re testing dozens of ways to more efficiently use energy.” Recycling efforts are also relevant: throughout the last year, the IAF has saved tens of thousands of shekels just by selling used products. “We recycle oils and sell engines and generators not in use. In the past we would’ve sent them for burial in the south, but these days we sell them and even make money while protecting the environment”.

The IAF Environmental Division prides itself in airbases and aerial defense that take on the green challenge and soldiers that are aware of the environmental crisis. Maj. Nahlieli added that the changes in the environmental sector take time and demand a little patience.

The IAF also saves energy with its recently installed solar panels at numerous airbases. The state of Israel has promised that by 2020, twenty percent of electricity produced in Israel will be “green electricity”.

After a year dense with activity and operations, IAF environmental official predicts: “One day in the near future we will completely become environmentally friendly force.”