IAF: Green projects and environmental awareness

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A system producing electricity from solar energy to be implemented at the Air Defense Training School

Date: 16/11/2011, 12:51 PM     Author: IAF Website

For the first time today (November 16) a system using photovoltaic solar cells to produce ‘green’ energy is implemented at an operational IAF base, the Air Defense Training School.

The photovoltaic project bares great importance in the IAF, implementing systems in several IAF bases and presenting the cells at the IAF museum. The Air Defense Training School is pleased to turn its base to nature friendly and start using sunlight to create energy while preserving the environment, saving hundreds of thousands of NIS and improving electricity systems.

“Implementing the system doesn’t only save money, but also expresses values we believe in,” said Commander of the Air Defense Training School, Col. Yoni Seida-Marom. “Using the system, we are creating a better environment for the commanders, without the noise and pollution of electrical generators. We’re teaching our soldiers a green state of mind and high environmental awareness they will follow for the rest of their lives,” added Col. Seida-Marom.

The photovoltaic plates are produced by the Enlight Company, “the cooperation with the IAF will continue and will build additional devices in other IAF bases,” said the Enlight advertising vice-president, Yoel Tzafriri. “In December the system will be implemented at the Hatzor Airbase, then at Ein Shemer, Palmachim and the other bases.”

Implementing the photovoltaic panels is part of the “Blue Builds Green” project the IAF took on to preserve the environment. “In the IAF we teach our soldiers to defend the environment,” said Col. Michael Zisman.

The IAF is planning additional green projects to use solar energy and protect the environment. “There are additional plans including a therma-solar device at the Nevatim Airbase,” said the “Blue Builds Green” project officer, Maj. Eitan Basson. “The IAF does not pollute.”