IAF paramedics train to provide medical care in mid-air

Paramedics of the IAF recently began a course on airborne medicine, training them to provide medical care in the most challenging conditions

Date: 02/08/2012, 11:46 AM     Author: Shir Golan, IAF Website

Paramedics of the Israel Air Force recently began a training course designed to prepare them to provide medical care in varied and challenging conditions, both on land and in the air.

IAF paramedics participate in the three-work course every year, both studying and carrying out a drill simulating the evacuation of casualties on a C-130 Hercules. In addition, the paramedics get to know the Airborne Medical Unit and the elite Airborne Rescue and Evacuation Unit 669 during the course.

“We learned, for example, how to treat people who serve in the air,” explained Cpl. Sapir, a medic from the IAF’s technical base. “The flight conditions, the high altitude, and the lack of oxygen affect the human body, so we must diagnose the problem and provide treatment accordingly.”

“Medical care is an integral part of maintaining continuous activity on Air Force bases during emergencies,” explained Maj. Oshrit Masuri, chief of the Instruction, Training, and Exercises Section of the IAF Chief Medical Officer’s Command. “So it is important for the [Air] Force’s medics to be familiar with concepts of defense and especially with operational medicine in the air and on the ground.”

“The objective of the course is to prepare the Air Force medic for a variety of missions,” said Lt. Col. Dr. Erez Carmon, head of the Exercises and Aerial Medicine Branch. “Despite the many tasks demanded from the [Air] Force medics, during real situations they prove their extremely impressive abilities. I am proud of them and feel that we have someone to count on.”