IAF pilots train against realistic enemy simulations

IAF Website

Facing mock enemy aircraft and various war-like conditions, such as missile attacks, terrorists, and injured pilots, IAF prepares for any threat

Date: 23/01/2012, 9:05 PM     Author: IAF Website

IAF pilots train using realistic enemy simulations that place them in mock battle scenes and force them to fight off threats, at ‘The Center for Advanced Training’ part of the Enemy Simulation and Radiation Defense Division.

The pilots at the center are experts at mimicking the flight techniques of Israel’s enemies during IAF exercises, while the personnel on the site work alongside the pilots and simulate war-like conditions.

Along with the “enemy” planes that attack the pilots during the exercise, missile batteries attack the participants, terrorist groups sneak across, suspicious vehicles cross and an injured pilot who abandoned his plane in hostile territory awaits rescue as his condition worsens.

The personnel are able to simulate all these by using fireworks, smoke machines and even a real Scud launcher installed on a van, which serves as a bombing target during the exercises. All these attack the IAF pilots, who don’t know what awaits them out in the field.

“The fireworks that we launch on the planes surprise the pilots”, explained the division operations officer, Cpt. Elior Arviv. “During every exercise there’s an officer who’s aware of what is going to happen. It’s his job to update us when the plane approaches the relevant checkpoint.”

“When we spend time out in the fields, there’s a true atmosphere of combat”, shared Second Lt. Limor Tessma, an officer at the division. “When you see a firework launched and the speed it travels in, you get a rush of adrenaline that you can’t get anywhere else.”