IAF Strikes Dozens of Hamas Terrorist Sites

Photo: IDF (Zahal) Spokesperson
Date: 14/01/2009, 12:01 PM     Author: IDF (Zahal) Website

The IDF (Zahal)’s fight against the Hamas terror organization continues. On Tuesday night (Jan. 13), the IAF hit approximately 60 targets in the Gaza Strip. Among the terrorist sites that were hit were the Hamas police headquarters in Gaza City, approximately 35 weaponry smuggling tunnels in the southern Gaza Strip, an area rigged with explosive devices intended for detonation against IDF (Zahal) forces, and nine weaponry manufacturing and storage facilities. In one incident, the IAF targeted a mortar shell launching squad in the area of Shuja’iya and identified hitting three armed terror operatives and the launcher from which mortar shells had been fired to Israeli territory.

During a search on Tuesday night (Jan.13), two IDF (Zahal) officers were moderately wounded and another officer and three additional soldiers were lightly injured when they were fired upon by armed terrorists. The forces responded with precise fire and identified hitting the assailants. The casualties received initial medical treatment on the scene and were evacuated by a helicopter to receive further medical treatment at a hospital. Another IDF (Zahal) soldier was lightly injured in a different incident and evacuated to the hospital for medical treatment.

Israel Navy boats also continued to support the Ground Forces, as they targeted Hamas terrorist sites in the Gaza Strip. In addition, the Israel Navy continues to enforce the naval closure of the Gaza Strip.”