Within the framework of its operations against terrorist infrastructures in the Gaza Strip, IDF forces operated during the night in Rafah, in the southern Gaza Strip.

During the operation, IDF units uncovered a system of tunnels used for smuggling weapons. This included several connected tunnels that passed through a number of buildings.

The IDF also arrested eight Palestinians suspected of terrorist activities. The suspects were transferred for further interrogation by Israeli security forces.

IDF forces destroyed the system of tunnels, and two buildings through which it passed, in a controlled explosion. In addition, IDF forces destroyed two abandoned structures and a portion of a greenhouse suspected of containing entrances to weapons smuggling tunnels.

A number of grenades were thrown at IDF forces, and shots were fired at them, during the operation. IDF soldiers returned fire and struck a number of armed Palestinians.

At the conclusion of the operation, IDF forces left the city. There were no injuries among the IDF soldiers.

The IDF will continue to act with all legal means, to thwart terrorist activity and weapons smuggling within the Gaza Strip.