This morning (September 16, 2003), IDF forces and the Israeli Security Agency (ISA), conducted a joint operation in Dura (near Hebron) to arrest senior Islamic Jihad operative, Maj’d Abu Dush. Dush was responsible for the death of 16 Israelis and the injuries of dozens others.

IDF forces surrounded the house of wanted Islamic Jihad operative, Maj’d Abu Dush, where he had barricaded himself inside. Dush was armed with an M-16 rifle, cartridges, a grenade — and was in possession of a bullet-proof vest. When IDF forces identified Dush, they opened fire, killing him.

IDF forces then called for the residents of the building to exit the premises. After they did so, IDF forces demolished the building (which had served as base for terrorist activities), fearing it contained weapons and explosive material.

Dush, born in 1978, was the senior Islamic Jihad operative in the Hebron area — and worked in conjunction with Muhamad Sider, the head of Islamic Jihad in Hebron. Sider was killed on August 14, 2003.

Dush was involved in planning and dispatching the terrorists who carried out the December 27, 2002, infiltration into the Israeli community of Otniel. Four Israelis were murdered and 10 others wounded during the infiltration.

In addition, Dush recruited and dispatched suicide bombers. Dush also maintained links with the Islamic Jihad cell responsible for carrying out the November 15, 2002, terrorist attack on Worshipper’s Lane (in Hebron) which killed 12 Israelis and wounded 12 others. Dosh also supplied a vehicle to the terrorists who carried out the above-mentioned attack.

It should be noted that Dush worked on a constant basis to recruit and organize Islamic Jihad terrorist cells. Dush was also active in the following areas: intelligence gathering, the preparation of explosive devices, and the planning of (imminent) suicide bombings.